Monday, September 14, 2009

German Work in Progress

I guess this blog is technically a "work in progress", somewhat like myself and maybe alot of us. Alot of us who are in between one thing, place or person and another.

I went to a restaurant/bar in Milford, CT yesterday with a friend of mine, Lucy. There we met several people. We met a man and a woman, cousins, who were hanging out for the night drinking some beers. She a large woman in pink with bright yellow hair (it was yellow, not blond) in her mid 40s texting her 31 year old lover. And the man, a red-faced Red Sox fanatic. He shared with us that he dresses his persian cat in a Red Sox shirt (cat sized of course). Next to me sat a family from Germany. They were very intersted in learning about the locals and me. I was asked about everything from football to politics. They were visiting their sister, brother-in-law and nieces with their parents. At some point, they decided to take pictures of me. I guess they never seen a real life puerto rican. I drew they a little sketch with my facebook info and they gave me one back.

As I have been painting and creating I have begun to notice that art, like life is a work in progress. Not everyone is where they want to be or what they should be.

El Saludo- Acrylic, color chip paper, unfinshed

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