Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 3 Aka The Laundry Mat

Hi everyone!

Well, at this point its just me reading back to myself. I've had a long day today. I started by escorting my father and mother to the dentist office. The nerve of the guy (dentist) to charge $1,500 for dentures. I'm talking about one set, not for both of my parents. Ughh! Needless to say we decided to go somewhere else. That was the beginning of my day. I end the day with a trip to the laundry mat.

I actually like going to the mat. I watch a little tv, throw things in the machine, watch tv, stick the clothes in the dryer, watch tv, fold some clothes. Tonight I threw some quarters in the machine but didn't check to see if there were any clothes in it, there were. I told the counter girl and she gave me my quarters back and got me on another machine. The lady said the machine would just have to cycle again.

About 15 minutes later the owner of the clothes returned and asked about the machine. I decided to let her know that it accidently re-ran her machine. And, no the machine wasn't on. She was furious. She said by re-running her machine that I had "ruined hundreds of dollars worth of her clothes". If anything I cleaned them alittle bit cleaner. I apologized again and stated it was purely an accident. She didn't let up and told me I wasn't sorry or remorseful enough. At this point, you're thinking, "uh-oh". I got a pissed at this point and told her that if I wasn't, I would not have told her. I finally got tired of her hovering over me and staring me down.

"OK, enough! Why don't you go dry your clothes and see if they did indeed shrink by me accidently washing them over again." I must have changed the water from cold to hot and obviously, ruined her wet clothes. I just don't understand.

Well, here's the art for the day......

Day 3, The Mat