Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here's another one.

Sketch of a little girl.

Pencil on Watercolor Paper

Day 13?

Well, ahem...I've been real busy these last 9 days. I'll sum it all up. First, I should tell you I have a full-time and part-time job. I work with older adults with memory impairments (Dementia, Alzheimer's). I basically play games and do art with them everyday. There's a little more to it but, I like to keep it simple. Additionally to that, I apparently I will be on a web show aimed at getting youth into professions that they may not know exsist. I'm pretty sure middle schoolers don't think an 93 year old can hula hoop or play video games.

Besides that, I decided it would be a great to help out an organization that is in some help. Casa Boricua is an organization who mission is "to service as a voice for disadvantaged individuals in the entire Puerto Rican & Hispanic community of Greater Meriden". They need alot of help!

AND...So here I am 13 days into my 80 days with only 6 of 9 pieces of art. Ughh. I think I might be a little over my head. Hopefully, I'll catch up this weekend. DAy 13?!@?